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BlogEngine is an open source blogging platform. Easily customizable. Many free built-in Themes, Widgets, and Plugins.

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BlogEngine.NET Version 3.3.8

BlogEngine Themes

Custom Theme is only $49

Modern theme | $39

Modern Theme

$39 $19

The best theme that we've ever made. This theme features both dark and light modes with automatic detection and manual switching. As an administrator, you can customize the theme for both modes, including the background and accent colors.

Six themes | $97

Six Themes

$97 $32

We packed 6 themes for you with a huge discount. This is the best deal ever.

Biz theme | $12

The Biz theme is a great theme for personal and business blogs. It's clean and modern. On the home page, you have a sidebar widget zone, Also a great slideshow.