BlogEngine 2022

First of all, thank you for using BlogEngine, my name is Farzin and I’ve been one of the maintainers of the BlogEngine for the past 10 years.

There are some plans for 2022 to make BlogEngine better, for example, Refactoring BlogEngine using React, redesigning it to be lighter for a better writing experience, and Making 20+ free themes. Also, you can tell us what you would like to see in the new version.

BlogEngine development hasn’t been active for the past year or so. The main reason is we haven’t got any support from our thousands of active users.

We haven’t missed a single email from our users, and we love to answer your emails every day and support you and as much as we can. And we did in all of these years.

Future plans for BlogEngine would not be possible without your help:

  1. Donate
  2. Buy themes
  3. Order a custom theme
  4. Hosting partnership
  5. Sponsorship

Thank you,