Get Started

Follow these steps to install your BlogEngine!

3. Design


Now, it's time to choose any theme you'd like. from the admin panel, go to custom > Themes (image #1) on this page you'll see your default themes. You can apply other available themes and custom them if they have the customization feature.

Also, you can add themes from the gallery, There are lots of themes that you can download and install it. go to Custom > Themes > on the top click on the + New button.

Then you'll see many themes choose one of them and click on the download icon. then install it and apply it as your current theme.

default blogengine themes
#1 - Custom > Themes
default blogengine themes
#2 - Custom > Themes > Add Theme

Premium Themes

If you are using the latest BlogEngine, we offer you the Premium themes that we've made. They are awesome for blogging and we made them with the best technology and good quality.

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