BlogEngine Troubleshooting


Here you find a collection of most common problems people run into using BlogEngine.NET and solutions to fix them.

Basic requirements

Ooops! An unexpected error has occurred

By default, application deploys custom error page hiding detailed error for security reasons. To turn off custom errors and display detailed information, modify web.config file in the application root directory.

<!-- Web.Config Configuration File -->
        <customErrors mode="Off"/>

Script Errors

As any web application, BlogEngine does a lot of JavaScript when you navigate, click, type and so on. Browsers tend to hide script errors and often you would not know if something went wrong. To troubleshoot script errors, use F12 tools in IE/Chrome or FireBug in FireFox. Look at the "console" for immediate errors and "network" to verify all resources downloaded properly.

F12 tools in Chrome
BlogEngine Troubleshooting
F12 tools in IE
BlogEngine troubleshoot

Server Errors

Tools like Fiddler excellent for identifying server-side issues. When something goes wrong and no error shows up, you might use this kind of tools to sniff on network traffic and see what is going on behind the seen. When you click "save" button and nothing happens - you probably will see red row in that list.

BlogEngine troubleshoot

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