Get Started

Follow these steps to install your BlogEngine!

2. Setup your BlogEngine

1) Change your password

The first thing you should do is change your password. so go to your admin panel, in the top left corner you see a icon, click on it and you'll redirect to the change password page.

2) Basic Settings

From the admin panel menu, go to Settings > Basic. Now set your blog's basic information like title, description, language, etc.

3) Email Settings

To get an email from your blog's Contact page, go to Settings > Email. the default settings we put there is for the Gmail account. so if you have a Gmail account, just fill the username and password, then test it and save it. but if you have other accounts like outlook or others, You can find SMTP ports and servers for your email account on the google.

4) Comments Settings

You can choose between 3 different comment systems, BlogEngine, Disqus and Facebook. Setup this section as you wish.

5) Other Settings

We suggest, go through your settings page by page and set up your blog as you wish before you start blogging and after a while, you found out something is not right for your bog.