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  • Sophia

    5 star

    This is a good opportunity to have them all. Also you can use them on separate blogs.

  • Jack

    5 star

    I wanted three themes, and obviously this is a better deal.

  • Zorione

    5 star

    Mostly I like the Daily and the Biz theme, but It's good to have it all.

  • Virginie

    5 star

    They are all good, Also helped our SEO a lot.


Fully Responsive on any devices

This theme is optimized for all devices, it means that your website looks good in all devices, like smartphones and tablets.

Customizable slideshow

You can have a slideshow of the latest posts or from any specific category and it can be in any sort. The first image on each post is considered as the thumbnail.

Menu and sub-menu for pages

If you make a page and the 'Show in the list' is on for that page, you'll see it in the header and it can be menu and sub-menu.

Post Thumbnails

If your posts include any image, The first image is considered as a thumbnail and it will be shown on the post lists on the home page and other areas.

Share Button

There are some buttons to share your posts on social networks. Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and email.

Social Account Links

You can add your social media links, then you can see it on your blog with icons.

Support syntax highlighter

There is a syntax highlighter if you want to show some codes in your posts.

Multiple widget zones

There are different widget zones that you can assign different widgets to different zones.

Google structured data

This theme generates some data for each post that search engines use that data and it helps the SEO of your blog.


You can install this theme on BlogEngine 3 and above. Full Guide:

Install and customize theme

Troubleshooting Themes

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All Themes