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BlogEngine Dashboard - BlogEngine

BlogEngine Dashboard

This dashboard will help you manage and monitor your blog, you'll be able to see your posts and pages and comments stats. Also, you have a section that you c...

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BlogEngine Posts - BlogEngine

BlogEngine Posts

In this page, your posts will be listed and you can filter and search and sort them. Also, you can edit, delete, publish and unpublish your posts. Also, from...

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BlogEngine Editor - BlogEngine

BlogEngine Editor

This is a great editor that will give you lots of tools to make great content with good SEO. There are fields for custom URL and custom description and you c...

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BlogEngine File Manager - BlogEngine

BlogEngine File Manager

The editor comes with a simple and useful File Manager that allows you to create folders and organize your files. you can upload any kind of files and import...

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BlogEngine Pages - BlogEngine

BlogEngine Pages

Just like posts, you can make pages and customize it as you want. Also, you can see a list of your pages that you can publish, unpublish, delete or edit them...

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BlogEngine Comments - BlogEngine

BlogEngine Comments

BlogEngine has a great comment system built in, which on this page you can see a list of the latest comments. you can approve, archive or delete them. Also, ...

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BlogEngine Tags and Categories - BlogEngine

BlogEngine Tags and Categories

Here on this page, you can see a list of categories that you've made from this page or from the editor page. you can see how many posts are in each category ...

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BlogEngine Design - BlogEngine

BlogEngine Design

From this page, you can manage your themes, download, delete or config your themes. Also, you can set one of them as your current theme and configure them as...

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BlogEngine Custom Fields - BlogEngine

BlogEngine Custom Fields

Some themes are able to be customized. like changing colors or enable or disable something. From the custom fields, you are able to customize and configure y...

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BlogEngine Gallery - BlogEngine

BlogEngine Gallery

Theme gallery is a place that you can find free BlogEngine themes that developers shared them with you. you can search and find the one you want and download...

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BlogEngine Plugins - BlogEngine

BlogEngine Plugins

Plugins page is a list of your installed plugins that you can enable, disable or delete them. Also, if they have some settings, you can configure them.

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BlogEngine Widgets - BlogEngine

BlogEngine Widgets

Each theme has a different amount of widget zones, that you can add widgets there and customize them as you want to show what kind of thing. there are lots o...

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BlogEngine Basic Settings - BlogEngine

BlogEngine Basic Settings

Most important and basic settings are on this page. you can set your title and blog description. you can enable and disable date on post links or even you ca...

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BlogEngine Email Settings - BlogEngine

BlogEngine Email Settings

From this page, you can add your email settings, the contact form and reset password and some notifications use this configuration to send emails. which by d...

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BlogEngine Comments Settings - BlogEngine

BlogEngine Comments Settings

BlogEngine has three built-in comment system, you can switch between BlogEngine, Disqus and Facebook comment systems. Also, you can configure lots of things ...

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BlogEngine Profile - BlogEngine

BlogEngine Profile

You can add your photo, have a display name different than your real name and use some custom fields if your theme does support. Also, from this page, you ar...

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