Custom Front Page

By default BlogEngine displays list of posts in reverse alphabetical order, as most blogs do. However sometimes it makes sense to display specific page instead of post list. For this purpose admin can set any page as front page in the settings. Then every time someone navigates to blog root, this page will be loaded instead of list of posts.

This works great in most cases, but using standard page has certain restrictions. Version 3.0 lets you use regular ASP.NET page as front page. There are only 2 requirements:

  1. It has to be in the blog root
  2. Page name must be FrontPage.aspx or FrontPage.cshtml

As an example, install package includes "FrontPageExample.aspx". Renaming it to "FrontPage.aspx" will force BlogEngine use it as front page, and you can modify content and use any client or server-side code you like.

In this example page inherits from base so it retains theme, layout and styles. But this is not required and you can use completely custom page with no relation to blog.