Troubleshooting Themes

Please make sure you installed your BlogEngine Theme correctly.
How to Install and Customize

Make sure you have installed your BlogEngine correctly.

Add write permissions to the App_Data and Custom folders on your server.

Theme didn't appear after adding the files?

  • Make sure you've added the theme folder to the Custom > Themes folder.
  • Make sure you did not rename the theme folder. it's case sensitive. for example, if the theme folder is "daily", don't change it to "Daily" or "DAILY".
  • Make sure when you unzipped the file, the content of the zip file should not be inside two folders.
    The right path:
    Custom > Themes > theme-name > files....
    The wrong path:
    Custom > Themes > theme-name > theme-name > files....

Custom fields are empty?

  1. In the root of your BlogEngine files, Go to the App_Data folder.
  2. Find the CustomFields.xml and delete it.
  3. Restart your blog.
  4. refresh your browser and check again.

Widgets page is empty?

This happens, when you have HTTPS on your blog, Turn it off for a few minutes and make the changes on your widgets and save, then turn the HTTPS back on.