How do I reset admin password?

If you are using default XML provider:

  1. Get to your website (usually by FTP to your web server).
  2. Open /app_data/users.xml in the text editor, for example notepad.
  3. Remove password from your admin account, meaning:

    change from:




    If you are using SQL then instead of XML file update DB table:

        UPDATE be_Users SET Password = '' WHERE UserName = 'admin'
  4. Restart web site, easiest way is to open web.config and add a space to the comment and save it. Comments are:

        <!-- anywhere between tags like these -->
  5. Now you should be able to log in as admin/admin.

If you don't have Admin account in the users.xml file, add new user tag like so:

    <LastLoginTime>2007-12-05 20:46:40</LastLoginTime>

Once logged in as admin, you can delete and create again any user account from admin panel.