Upgrading BlogEngine.NET Manually

The cleanest way to upgrade to latest version is to start from fresh installation, and then copy your existing data and settings into new version. The upgrade steps follow.

1. Backup

Make a full backup of your existing BlogEngine installation.  This is very important.  If anything goes wrong, you can always restore from your backup.

2. Install latest version

Install latest version on your computer and make sure everything works with no errors.

3. Copy your data into new version

XML provider: Delete App_Data folder in new install and copy this folder from your current blog (except labels.txt with latest JavaScript resources, you need new one).

Version 3.3 only: remove files in App_Data/datastore/widgets

Database provider: Based on database (MS Sql Server, MySql etc.) and BlogEngine version, run update script(s) found in corresponding folder under /setup.

Version 3.3 only run this query: delete from be_DataStoreSettings where ExtensionType = 1

4. Copy your custom code into new version

Delete "/Custom" folder and copy one from your current blog.
Version 3.3 only: in 3.3 /Custom/Widgets not compatible with older versions, new version should be used. After old widgets removed in step 3, new widgets should be added from admin/custom/widgets UI by drag-and-drop.

5. Merge web.config

If you are using database as your back-end, you need to take corresponding database web.config from "/setup" folder and modify connection string to point to your host database.


- If admin can't access dashboard or "custom" tabs, go to admin -> users -> roles, select "administrator" and make sure all rights are checked for admin role.

- Under custom -> gallery, in gallery settings make sure feed pointing to "http://dnbe.net/v01/nuget" and set as default. (Version 3.3 only: gallery setting removed)