BlogEngine 1.3 released

The fourth version of BlogEngine has just been released. You can download it here.

We’ve listened to what you said and fixed a lot of stuff since the 1.2 release a little more than 2½ month ago. There are also a lot of new features and a lot of improvements to existing ones. This release is truly carried forward by the engaging community BlogEngine has gotten. You’ve reported feature requests, filed bug reports and uploaded patches like never before. Thank you very much for that.

New features


Backward compatibility

You might have created your own themes and extensions that you don’t want to rewrite because there is a new release. Don’t worry. Your themes will still work but your extensions might have to be updated.


All themes should be 100% backward compatible but there is one thing that has been deprecated. In the CommentView.ascx in your theme folder, you should replace

<%= ResolveLinks(Comment.Content) %>


<%= Text %>

You don’t have to if you don’t want to since the ResolveLinks method still exist. But it will be removed when the next version is released, so why not get it over with now.


Extension builders have more events to write extensions for and some of the existing events have been upgraded to use a different EventArgs. You should check that your extensions work with the new CancelEventArgs used on Post.AddingComment and some other events. In most cases you can just swap EventArgs out for System.ComponentModel.CancelEventArgs and you’re good to go.

Happy holidays from the BlogEngine team

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