BlogEngine 1.6 released

The team is proud to announce the release of BlogEngine version 1.6.  With several new features and numerous improvements and bug fixes, this is a must upgrade version for current BlogEngine users and those interested in entering the blog scene.

For those who receive a steady dose of comment spam (and who doesn't!), a new powerful Comment Management and Comment Spam Filtering infrastruture has been added in version 1.6.  Comments across all posts can be viewed, edited, deleted or approved in one convenient area.  Comments can still be manually moderated, but now moderation can be automated by running comments thru remote or local comment spam validation services.  Anyone can easily build new comment spam filters and plug them into BlogEngine.  It's just as simple as adding custom Extensions and Widgets is.

The other notable feature in version 1.6 is support for multiple widget zones.  You can now place widgets anywhere on your site, and even move widgets from one zone to another.

A complete list of new features can be found here.

If you're upgrading from BlogEngine version 1.5 or earlier, please take a minute to read these upgrade instructions.