BlogEngine 3.0 released

Today we are releasing BlogEngine 3.0 with host of new features and improvements. Here is the short list:

  • Auto Update
  • Multiple Gallery Feeds
  • Multiple Post Editors
  • File Manager
  • Custom Front Page
Along with new features, there are changes, improvements and bug fixes to make project better. Here couple of big ones.

Web Application instead of Website

BlogEngine started as website project back in the days when it was defalt option. For variaty of reasons we moved BE to more modern, stable and generally accepted Web Application model. Main difference is instead of deploying .cs files to web server and letting ASP.NET create assemblies on the fly, build happens before deployment. So instead of many .cs files we build and deploy single BlogEngine.dll.

New Gallery

Changing application model now requires extensions to be compiled rather than installed as .cs files. We took this as opportunity to change gallery site from 3rd party we've been using to standard gallery server with simple package upload form. We converted most items to run under 3.0 and keep working on moving the rest. More to come.