BlogEngine 1.4.5 released

Only a month after 1.4 was released, we are making an update.  Today, we have published BlogEngine 1.4.5 which has a bunch of fixes, improvements, and new features.

If the fixes and performance improvements aren’t enough to get you to upgrade maybe some of these features we’ll encourage you.

Filter by APML - You can now filter the posts of a blog by your own APML file. An APML file is a prioritized list of your own interests represented in XML. All BlogEngine 1.4.5 users have such a file auto generated and it’s called apml.axd. You only have to enter your blog URL and BlogEngine will then find your APML using auto-discovery like the browser does for RSS feeds.

Enhanced Metaweblog API – In this release, we added the ability for administrator users to publish blog post for any of the users of the blog though Live Writer.  In addition, we added support for SSL connections with Metaweblog API.  If you have it, you can now force it.

Database support out of the box – While 1.4 made it possible to use most any database as a backend for your blog, we didn’t include more than SQL Server script in the download.  This time around, we’re doing our best to make it easier than ever to get started with a database backend.  In the setup folder, we have instructions and scripts to get started with SQL Server, MySQL, SQLite, and VistaDB Express.

File Upload improvements – Files and images uploaded will now be placed in new folders that are named by the year and month. This could be /files/2008/07/example.doc.

HTML Editor defaults – Some people don’t like the TinyMCE editor or any other editor and prefer to enter their own HTML. Now there is a switch that remembers your preferences and allows you to write your own HTML.

We encourage you to check the latest and greatest ever of BlogEngine.  You can download it here.

Happy writing,

The BlogEngine Team