BlogEngine 2023

We redesigned the official website, a fresh look that includes both dark and light modes.

But that's not all we have big plans for the future of BlogEngine. We're currently working on the next version of BlogEngine, built from the ground up using the latest technologies. And don't worry migrating to the new version will be easy and straightforward, with just a few clicks. We'll be sharing more details and a live demo in just a month.

Our goal right now is to continue working on the next version of BlogEngine and ensure that the migration process goes smoothly. And you can help us achieve this by purchasing our themes or making a donation via PayPal. Please consider supporting our efforts to bring you the best blogging experience possible.

Please take a look around and let us know what do you think about the redesign, We hope you all like it. Also stay tuned for more exciting updates from BlogEngine!

Best Regards,