BlogEngine 2.7 released

Today we are releasing BlogEngine 2.7!

It can be downloaded here.  If you are upgrading from a previous version, upgrade instructions are available.

What's New

Here is a list of new features.  While there are a lot of good changes in this version, two that stand out are some needed security improvements and extensionless URLs.  With extensionless URLs turned on, the URLs to your posts, pages, category landing pages, and static pages (contact, archive and search) become extensionless.


Thanks to all the BlogEngine 2.7 contributors.  The notable contributors are listed on the 2.7 features list (if we missed you, let us know!).  And thanks to those who tested the 2.7 release candidate.  Looking to contribute to BlogEngine?  Here are a few ways you can contribute!

New Installation or Upgrade

After downloading the new version, it can be installed as either a new installation, or you may upgrade your existing blog with these upgrade instructions.

Your Feedback is Welcome

If you run into any installation issues or problems while running the release candidate, please let us know in the CodePlex BlogEngine Discussion group, or you can report any problems in the Issue Tracker.