BlogEngine 1.6.1 released

BlogEngine 1.6.1 is available for download on Codeplex. It is optional update, here details to help you make a decision if you need to refresh your blog.

What changed from 1.6.0?

1 We tuned-up comment management to make automated moderation easier

2 Added reCaptcha

3 Added option to switch comments to Disqus

4 Minor bug fixes.

How do I use new features?

- Using reCaptcha

- Using Disqus

Do I need to upgrade?

If you happy with a way comments work in your blog as they are - no. If you still looking for better anti-spam protection - yes.

I already have 1.6 installed. This seems to be a minor update - can I get to 1.6.1 without doing full upgrade?

1. Delete ~/App_GlobalResources/labels.ko-KR.resx

2. Merge folders (override if exists):





3. Override only these files:










~/User controls/CommentView.ascx

~/User controls/CommentView.ascx.cs