BlogEngine.NET is an open source ASP.NET project that was born out of desire for a better blogging platform. We focused on simplicity, ease of use, extendibility and innovative design while taking advantage of the latest .NET features. Read more About BlogEngine


One way to support the future of BlogEngine is through donations. Also, buying a theme would help us too. Thank you for considering a donation, You can donate to our PayPal account. Read more about Donate

BlogEngine Themes

Moment BlogEngine Theme

Moment theme is another advanced BlogEngine theme with lots of features, which will give your blog a better look and some optimization to your content for the search engines. We worked on details Also, We can make the white version of this theme for you. Read more about Moment BlogEngine Theme

BlogEngine Features

BlogEngine Posts

In this page, your posts will be listed and you can filter and search and sort them. Also, you can edit, delete, publish and unpublish your posts. Also, from the New button, you can access to the editor and write new posts. Read more about BlogEngine Posts

BlogEngine Editor

This is a great editor that will give you lots of tools to make great content with good SEO. There are fields for custom URL and custom description and you can add tags, categories, custom date, select from authors and add some custom fields. Read more about BlogEngine Editor

BlogEngine Pages

Just like posts, you can make pages and customize it as you want. Also, you can see a list of your pages that you can publish, unpublish, delete or edit them. Also, you can search and sort them. Read more about BlogEngine Pages

BlogEngine Custom Fields

Some themes are able to be customized. like changing colors or enable or disable something. From the custom fields, you are able to customize and configure your theme if the theme developer gives you some options to customize. all of our new themes are customizable. Read more about BlogEngine Custom Fields

BlogEngine Gallery

Theme gallery is a place that you can find free BlogEngine themes that developers shared them with you. you can search and find the one you want and download and apply it as your current theme. Read more about BlogEngine Gallery

BlogEngine Widgets

Each theme has a different amount of widget zones, that you can add widgets there and customize them as you want to show what kind of thing. there are lots of available widgets that you can drag to widget zones. Also you can add more from widget gallery. Read more about BlogEngine Widgets

BlogEngine FAQ

Can BlogEngine.NET be installed within an existing website?

Yes. Install it in its own folder and configure the directory it resides in as an application in IIS. Some hosting providers may not allow the level of trust used in BlogEngine.NET by default. If you receive an error similar to: "Parser Error Message: It is an error to use a section registered as allowDefinition='MachineToApplication' beyond application level.", You can try one of the following... Read more about Can BlogEngine.NET be installed within an existing website?

What database BlogEngine is it running on?

BlogEngine.NET uses XML to store all posts, pages etc. by default. However, if you prefer to use a database, BlogEngine.NET includes a "DbBlogProvider" that allows you to store data in databases which support standard SQL -- MS SQL Server, MySql, SQLite among many others. Configuration changes necessary to store data in a SQL Server database can be found here. If there isn't a data provider alr... Read more about What database BlogEngine is it running on?

How can I switch where data is stored in BlogEngine (XML to Database or vice versa)?

If you're just starting off with BlogEngine.NET, all of your data will be stored in XML files in your App_Data folder. Some web hosts such as GoDaddy who have an automatic BlogEngine.NET setup option, might setup your blog so data is stored in a database instead. If your blog is new, you don't yet have any data, and you want to switch from XML storage to Database storage, find out how here. If ... Read more about How can I switch where data is stored in BlogEngine (XML to Database or vice versa)?

Can I customize the design of the blog on BlogEngine?

Yes. If you don't like the themes provided with BlogEngine.NET, you can modify an existing one to match your taste or create a new one from scratch. Creating themes for BlogEngine.NET only requires basic knowledge about ASP.NET and HTML. Additionally, BlogEngine.NET takes full advantage of ASP.NET master page structure. Find out more about creating themes. Read more about Can I customize the design of the blog on BlogEngine?

How do I allow only logged in users to post comments on BlogEngine?

Set up role for self registration 1. In the admin panel, go to Users -> Roles and create new role, for example "Commentors". 2. Assign to this role same rights that "Anonymous" role has. Revoke "Create comment" right from anonymous In the "Roles" screen, click anonymous role and uncheck "Create Comment".. Set up self registration 1. In the admin panel, go to Settings -> Advanced and under... Read more about How do I allow only logged in users to post comments on BlogEngine?

BlogEngine News

BlogEngine 3.6 released

Well, here is BlogEngine 3.6 and you may wonder what changed? basically nothing but a new standard theme. We have some plans to update BlogEngine with new features and a new design. but we need some help as well. so try to contact us if you think you can help us with the development and the design. Download Read more about BlogEngine 3.6 released

BlogEngine 3.1 released

Newest version 3.1 is available as upgrade from 3.0 and can be installed from admin dashboard. You can install it as auto update with a click of the button, but we strongly recommend doing it on local install and then copying files to hosting server rather than running upgrade on live site. Upgrade by nature does lots of file copy/delete operations and doing it on busy live site may run into er... Read more about BlogEngine 3.1 released

BlogEngine 3.0 released

Today we are releasing BlogEngine 3.0 with host of new features and improvements. Here is the short list: Auto Update Multiple Gallery Feeds Multiple Post Editors File Manager Custom Front Page Along with new features, there are changes, improvements and bug fixes to make project better. Here couple of big ones. Web Application instead of Website BlogEngine started as website project back in th... Read more about BlogEngine 3.0 released

BlogEngine 2.9 released

Today we are happy to announce BlogEngine 2.9 release to the public! Last few weeks we’ve been hard at work improving and polishing 2.9 beta and now it is ready for everyone to download and use. We put a lot of work into this release and hope you'll enjoy using it. You can also check out Francis's post on design process with some nice screenshots. Happy New Year and Merry Blogging!!! What... Read more about BlogEngine 2.9 released

BlogEngine 2.8 released

We are happy to announce BlogEngine 2.8 release! You can get it on our downloads page and upgrade instructions are available here. Here are some helpful videos on how to install version 2.8 and how to upgrade from 2.7 to 2.8 using updater utility.   What is new in this release Bug fixes. We made lots of fixes and improvements to make code more stable, reliable and work well out of the box.... Read more about BlogEngine 2.8 released

BlogEngine 2.7 released

Today we are releasing BlogEngine 2.7! It can be downloaded here.  If you are upgrading from a previous version, upgrade instructions are available. What's New Here is a list of new features.  While there are a lot of good changes in this version, two that stand out are some needed security improvements and extensionless URLs.  With extensionless URLs turned on, the URLs to your ... Read more about BlogEngine 2.7 released

BlogEngine 2.6 released

We're very happy to announce the release of BlogEngine 2.6!  This release builds on to an already stellar blogging platform, adding several great features and performance improvements, contributed by both the BlogEngine team and a lot of code contributors. The new release can be downloaded here.  If you are upgrading from a previous version, upgrade instructions are available. What's ... Read more about BlogEngine 2.6 released

BlogEngine 2.5 released

The next version of BlogEngine, version 2.5 is here!  Thanks to everyone who contributed to this release.  The new version can be downloaded here.  If you're upgrading from a previous version, here are the upgrade instructions. ASP.NET 4.0 BlogEngine has been upgraded to ASP.NET 4.0.  This has allowed us to take advantage of new .NET 4.0 features such as Razor templating, Nu... Read more about BlogEngine 2.5 released

BlogEngine 2.0 released

Just several months after version 1.6 was released, we're happy to announce that a Release Candidate for BlogEngine 2.0 is available. We accomplished meeting most of our Roadmap goals.  The most visible change is the redesign of the control panel.  Many thanks to team member Janko Jovanovic for this much more modern control panel UI.  There's now a Dashboard, and new pages to Vie... Read more about BlogEngine 2.0 released

BlogEngine 1.6.1 released

BlogEngine 1.6.1 is available for download on Codeplex. It is optional update, here details to help you make a decision if you need to refresh your blog. What changed from 1.6.0? 1 We tuned-up comment management to make automated moderation easier 2 Added reCaptcha 3 Added option to switch comments to Disqus 4 Minor bug fixes. How do I use new features? - Using reCaptcha - Using Disqus Do I nee... Read more about BlogEngine 1.6.1 released

BlogEngine 1.6 released

The team is proud to announce the release of BlogEngine version 1.6.  With several new features and numerous improvements and bug fixes, this is a must upgrade version for current BlogEngine users and those interested in entering the blog scene.For those who receive a steady dose of comment spam (and who doesn't!), a new powerful Comment Management and Comment Spam Filtering infrastruture ... Read more about BlogEngine 1.6 released

BlogEngine 1.5 released

We are very happy to make available a release candidate for BlogEngine 1.5 today. Version 1.5 has been in the works for a long time and we decided to make a release candidate available before me make the final release this time around.  You can get it here. BlogEngine 1.5 includes: Improved Metaweblog API: This version of BlogEngine has improved our capabilities yet again.  We now sup... Read more about BlogEngine 1.5 released

BlogEngine 1.4.5 released

Only a month after 1.4 was released, we are making an update.  Today, we have published BlogEngine 1.4.5 which has a bunch of fixes, improvements, and new features. If the fixes and performance improvements aren’t enough to get you to upgrade maybe some of these features we’ll encourage you. Filter by APML - You can now filter the posts of a blog by your own APML file. An APML ... Read more about BlogEngine 1.4.5 released

BlogEngine 1.4 released

It's been a while since the last release, but now the wait is over. We present to you the 5th and best version of BlogEngine. Go download it. New features in BlogEngine 1.4 New database provider BlogEngine now works with most commercial and open source databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, VistaDB and many others. This allow you to use practically any database supported by your hosting provider.... Read more about BlogEngine 1.4 released

BlogEngine 1.3 released

The fourth version of BlogEngine has just been released. You can download it here. We’ve listened to what you said and fixed a lot of stuff since the 1.2 release a little more than 2½ month ago. There are also a lot of new features and a lot of improvements to existing ones. This release is truly carried forward by the engaging community BlogEngine has gotten. You’ve reported... Read more about BlogEngine 1.3 released

BlogEngine 1.2 released

We are proud to present the newest version of BlogEngine with many new exciting features. If you don’t care about the new features and just want to start using it then download it here. For the rest of you, here is a list of the most important new features introduced in BlogEngine 1.2. BlogML import/export Extension model Code syntax highlighting ASP.NET SiteMap provider for static pages ... Read more about BlogEngine 1.2 released

BlogEngine 1.1 released

Almost three months have passed since the first release of BlogEngine 1.0 and five months since the first public alpha. The interest has been overwhelming and the feedback immense. Because of this, we wanted to get the next version out the door as fast as possible with all the bug fixes and many feature requests from the community. New features A lot of new features have been added. Here is a s... Read more about BlogEngine 1.1 released

Official launch of BlogEngine 1.0

Today we are proud to present the first official release of BlogEngine – a full featured blog engine built with simplicity as the primary goal. You can see a list of the most important features right here. BlogEngine is open source and completely free to use. Download BlogEngine here. Going from beta to release A lot of alpha and beta testers have provided valuable feedback during the las... Read more about Official launch of BlogEngine 1.0

BlogEngine Docs


The BlogEngine.NET installation process is fairly straight forward. The information below will guide you through the process and help you with any issues you encounter. By installation, we mean that you are creating a new instance (folder with the application) of BlogEngine.NET on your server/hosting space/local PC. Choosing a version for download There are two download options for BlogEngine.N... Read more about Installation

BlogEngine Troubleshooting

Here you find a collection of most common problems people run into using BlogEngine.NET and solutions to fix them. Basic requirements .NET 4.5 application pull integrated mode in IIS 7+ Full trust (you might need to set it in web.config changing from "medium" and uncommenting, depends on server configuration). Write permissions on App_Data and Custom folders, site root for auto-update. Support ... Read more about BlogEngine Troubleshooting

Auto Update

This feature should allow update BlogEngine.NET version 3.0 and up with a click of the button. Versions prior to 3.0 must be updated manually. To be clear, one would need manually update to 3.0 and after that will be able to get updates automatically. Requirements Because update will replace most of the files with new versions, application must have write permission on entire blog directory. Co... Read more about Auto Update

Custom Front Page

By default BlogEngine displays list of posts in reverse alphabetical order, as most blogs do. However sometimes it makes sense to display specific page instead of post list. For this purpose admin can set any page as front page in the settings. Then every time someone navigates to blog root, this page will be loaded instead of list of posts. This works great in most cases, but using standa... Read more about Custom Front Page

Custom Fields

Custom Profile Fields Custom fields used to extend standard data structures. Go to your profile page in admin and click "add" button in custom fields area. Enter key and value for a new field. You can use HTML but be careful when using it in UI. You can enter multiple fields if needed, just make sure they have unique keys. To use custom profile field anywhere in the blog, you fist need to creat... Read more about Custom Fields

Adopting CKEditor

At the core of any editor, no matter how complex it is, is a simple text box. And two main operations with editor include writing to this box and reading out of it. Understanding this is all you need to port any editor to BlogEngine. Downloading and checking editor files CKEditor comes with number of examples found in "samples" folder, when we open for example "api.html" and strip out all ... Read more about Adopting CKEditor

Creating Custom Theme

This is a walk-through on how to build custom theme for BlogEngine.NET from scratch. In this example, version 3.1 was used, but should work with later versions too. 1. Theme folder Start by adding new folder: "/Custom/Themes/Test". As soon as folder added, we can go to admin -> settings and select it as our theme folder. With new theme set as current in settings, it will display in the list ... Read more about Creating Custom Theme

Converting Single Extension For BE 3.0

This is walk-through on how to convert older BlogEngine.NET extensions built for website project to compiled extension that can be installed in version 3.0 and up. Simple Case Simplest possible extension is a single class added to App_Code folder so ASP.NET will dynamically compile it under website project. Difference with web application, which 3.0 became, is that all classes must be compiled ... Read more about Converting Single Extension For BE 3.0

How to add custom page to a blog

To add custom page to a blog, create a page in the blog root, for example "MyPage.aspx". For "MasterPageFile", use master page of your custom theme. Here used "Standard" theme. <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" MasterPageFile="~/Custom/Themes/Standard/site.master" %> <%@ Import Namespace="BlogEngine.Core" %> <script language="c#" runat="server"> protected static st... Read more about How to add custom page to a blog

Building NuGet Package

BlogEngine.NET uses NuGet (.nupkg) format to distribute extensions, themes or widgets. It is easiest to use NuGet package explorer to create a package. Here are some rules to verify before uploading package to online gallery. Package ID Package ID = extension class name. With theme or widget, it is a name of the theme/widget folder. Version Number In the version number, first 2 digits are curre... Read more about Building NuGet Package

Database Blog Provider

BlogEngine.NET includes a Database Blog Provider (DbBlogProvider) in case you prefer to store data in a database rather than the default XML provider. The DbBlogProvider is capable of storing and retrieving data in any database which supports standard SQL. This includes, but is not limited to, MS SQL Server, MySql, SQLite and Vista DB. Instructions for setting up BlogEngine.NET for each of thes... Read more about Database Blog Provider

BlogEngine Configuration

Usage scenarios Application configuration can be modified in Web.config via "appSettings" section. By default BlogEngine configured to run as single blog application: <add key="BlogEngine.UsageScenario" value="singleblog" /> This setup removes some advanced features and restricts application to single blog with single author. This is perfect for novice bloggers and is most common applicat... Read more about BlogEngine Configuration